A Journey Complete, and the Start of Something New

Woo! After a couple starts and stops, including a long hiatus in July, the 2012 UChicago GROW blog is DONE!

If you’ve enjoyed our adventures, learned from our experiences with TB care and want to support our partnership with ASPAT in the coming year, feel free to send a check addressed to “GlobeMed at UChicago” to:

5706 S. University Ave. RC001, Chicago, IL 60637

All donations are tax-deductible.

We’ll also be starting a newsletter with updates about the chapter and our partner, and insights on important global health events (for example, the International AIDS Conference that happened in Washington DC last Tuesday, or the Affordable Care Act). If you would be interested in receiving this newsletter and keeping up with our new adventures in the coming year, please leave your email in a comment!

In our 3 weeks, we have been amazed by our partner and their efforts, but this GROW trip is a stepping-stone to even bigger and better endeavors. Next year’s GROW internship will undoubtedly be longer and more productive, with even more stories to share and people to meet. Look forward to it!

Thanks for reading. ❤ Signing off for now,

Briana, Cindy & Lauren, your 2012 GROW Interns


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