Deja Vu

Hi guys!

As I´m sure you´ve noticed, the posts have been getting shorter and shorter in the past couple of days.  Why, you  might ask?  Honestly, it´s because as exciting as our days might seem to us, I´m aware when I´m writing the blog that readers are hearing a lot of the same events detailed time and time again (particularly in the last two or three days).  Today (Wednesday, June 27th) is no exception: we attended another educational seminar (led by Judy, this time) and like yesterday, the talk was on nutrition.  I do plan on talking a little bit about the differences between Judy’s seminar and Melecio’s, but on the whole, I will keep this short so as not to be repetitive.

As has been mentioned before, Judy is a much more aggressive personality than Melecio, so her approach to the seminar is much more upfront and confrontational than his is.  She is tirelessly enthusiastic – quickly memorizing the patients’ names and then calling on them personally to answer her questions when no one wants to volunteer an answer.  I think in some ways, people feel less confident around her (because they can´t just give answers when they think they know them), but at the same time, she is more fun (she’s always willing to laugh at herself and tease the patients).

Judy at the front.

There were fewer patients today, and several of them were young enough to still be in middle or high school (which made us wonder why they weren’t in class – Winter vacation perhaps?). The youngsters, combined with Judy’s presence, really increased the energy of the charla!

Bruce, the teenage boy, was very happy to give a correct answer to one of Judy’s questions! See below.

Judy teased him about his cuteness.

And finally, a photo of sunflowers growing at the health clinic, just because.

Anyway, we are fast approaching the end of our time with Melecio, Judy, and the rest of ASPAT.  Tomorrow is our last day, as a matter of fact!

Cindy will be off with Judy to attend a meeting of CERI, a committee that evaluates patients on a case-by-case basis to see if they are deserving of emergency measures to save their lives.  If you recall Daniel, the XDR-TB patient mentioned in some of our previous blog posts, he is an example of a patient who might be brought to CERI’s attention.  Apparently Cindy and Judy will be joined their by Dr. Christian (who has been mentioned in various previous blog posts).  He ostensibly speaks English, so he can translate for Cindy.  I will be very interested in hearing Cindy´s impressions on the CERI meeting, so look forward to an exciting blog from her!

While all this is going on, Briana and I will be meeting up with Melecio to outline the ASPAT/GlobeMed partnership and set goals for the next year.  This part of the blog post might not be as interesting for casual readers, but the GlobeMedders among you should be sure to pay attention!  I assume at some point the five of us will reunite for more adventures, but I really have no idea what they are.  Until tomorrow, buenas noches.  


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