A Sleepy Sunday in Lima

Hi all!

We had big plans for this Sunday.  After exploring Central Lima yesterday, we decided to hit up the neighborhood of San Miguel today, to visit some very intriguing sounding museums.  Unfortunately, as Peru is a very Catholic country and today was a Sunday, almost everything was closed.  As the saying goes, “When in Lima, do as the limenos do“ (that is how that saying goes, right?).  So we decided to take the hint and spend the day relaxing around Miraflores.

It turned out that today was the first sunny day we´ve experienced since we´ve been here.  Lima in winter is famous for its perpetually gray skies – Herman Melville once poetically described it as ´the strangest, saddest city that ever was,` so we really appreciated the chance to see a little sunlight.  We headed down to the Parque del Amor overlooking the Pacific Ocean and spent the afternoon reading, visiting an art exhibition in Parque Kennedy, and listening to music.  None of these were particularly photo-worthy activities, but after a tiring Saturday, the three of us were happy to have a little downtime.

Tomorrow, we´ll be heading back out to Callao to meet with ASPAT as a group, and continue our interview with Esther.  It should be an interesting day!  In the meantime, hope you enjoyed this brief update (apologies for the lack of pictures), and found our bonus post on the life and times of Melecio a worthy substitute for a more action-packed post.  Until tomorrow!


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  1. The blog is great, keeping us informed and interested about your quest, the people of Peru, the history, culture – just about everything! The photos are wonderful. You’ll need to get more of them with yourselves in the pictures to capture the moments of a lifetime. Keep up the feed of information about your cause. I don’t think anyone realizes or understands the effect TB is having on Peru and other nations in South America.
    Mr. F (Briana’s dad)

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