We’re on our way! (+paper stars)

Cindy here! Briana, Lauren and I are hanging out in Atlanta during our layover from Chicago to Lima, Peru. Our plane will land at 11PM and a member of ASPAT will meet us at the airport tonight! Super excited.

While we don’t have a definite schedule of what we’ll be doing in Peru, one activity that ASPAT has promised to arrange is a visit to a children’s hospital where there are around 25 kids living with TB. Through Anna, our new Director of Translations, I asked them if we should bring any souvenirs. They seemed enthusiastic about the idea, so over the weekend I dropped by Chinatown and picked up several packages of the thin paper strips that you can fold into stars (Google “lucky paper stars”). I was also inspired by our Fish for a Wish Campaign this past year, where – in addition to selling betta fish – we asked UChicago students to write down their wishes for the future on pieces of construction paper and collected them in a jar while tabling.

During the GROW trip, if the kids want to (if the adults want to as well), perhaps we can ask them to write down their wishes on the back of these paper strips before making them into stars! Then we can bring back a jar of star-wishes.

A last note about the paper stars – I had dinner with Gerald Guevarra from GlobeMed at Loyola last night, and afterwards he helped me test-run the making of the stars. Photo below. Thanks for your contribution to GlobeMed at UChicago’s GROW trip, Gerald!



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